Are Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads the Right Choice For You?

If you’ve registered your brand in Amazon’s Brand Registry, you have the option to use Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads.

A lot of clients ask us if we think using Sponsored Brands (SB) is a good fit for them. For those who
aren’t aware, Sponsored Brands are the banner ads on top of the Sponsored Product and organic
search results.

While this is a prominent location, it is better suited for some sellers than others. A good rule of
thumb is to run SB ads if you have 3 products that are all a good fit for a particular keywords, as well
as all have a 4+ star rating with a decent number of reviews.

The most important thing to consider is that your 3 products have to be related to the search term
you’re bidding on. This means making SB campaigns tailor made to the products that they contain
and the keywords they’re relevant for.

Cutting corners is always a bad idea when it comes to PPC, but with Sponsored Brands, their
prominent location and “pretty” layout makes them get a lot more clicks than Sponsored Product
Ads. With an un-optimized headline and incorrect product choice, this will lead to a lot of wasted add

One often overlooked aspect of Sponsored Brand Ads is the fact that your brand is prominently positioned in the headline. Not only do you get the added benefit of brand awareness, clicks on your logo also take the customer to your Store page.

By properly testing headlines, product choice and negative keywords, you can achieve very good returns on Sponsored Brand Ads, alongside the difficult-to-measure benefit of having increased brand presence and recognition.

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