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Baby Clothes Brand (Amazon)

With this campaign the full month before we took over was a disaster for the client. The ACoS of 112.7% meant he was paying people to buy his products. Not a good way to do business, but also not something he had the expertise to change.

After 30 days of taking over the campaign for him we were able to drop the ACoS to 45.15%, and it is steadily coming down further. This is something we do easily with careful management of the campaign parameters based on the goals of the client.

Search Terms 
One important thing we do for clients is understand the search terms and what is working as well as what is not working. In this case, the client spent a lot of advertising money on irrelevant search terms which garnered no sales and which increased his ACoS needlessly. By running our proprietary analysis on a regular basis we can eliminate this wasted spend and improve the efficiency of your operations.

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