How to Get Hired in the Google Ads Industry

So you want a job in Search Engine Marketing?

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world that wasn’t there 30 years ago. With the increase in popularity of the Internet, the ability for businesses of all sizes to reach large numbers of people skyrocketed.

With this ability, a whole new industry was created. The management of these advertisements turns out to be very complicated and accumulates large amounts of data that needs to be sorted, analyzed and actionable insights gained. Thus, PPC Management Agencies were born.

So how does someone break into what seems like a closed world? Here are 3 steps for getting hired as a Junior Google Ads Analyst/Manager in an Agency (Note: This assumes you have no prior knowledge, relevant degree or experience but do have at least some post-secondary education.)

  1. Achieve the Complete Google Ads Certification

While a lot of seasoned Digital Marketers like to make fun of the official Google Certification (even though in reality a lot of them could use a refresher!), it is still the single best resource for a beginner to learn a variety of concepts that are used in the Digital Marketing world.

Go through the learning materials until you feel comfortable with your knowledge and are ready to take the examination. The next part is very important. Whatever you do, when you’re taking the exam Do Not Cheat! I cannot emphasize this enough. Yes, the answers are readily available online, and yes you can open them in another tab while taking the exam. However, just because you get the certification by cheating, doesn’t mean you actually know the concepts outlined in the test.

If your goal is to get a job, you are much better off studying properly and doing the exam with just your knowledge. If you fail, all that means is you’re not ready yet! Google has an 80% or higher pass threshold, so don’t be discouraged. Keep studying and eventually the questions will be easy.

2. Look to Partner with a Small Business or Non-Profit

When you first get Certified, you might feel like you’re ready to get hired right away. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but unless you have other qualifications or some experience under your belt, its not going to be likely.

Try to find a Small Business or Non-Profit Organization and help them manage their campaigns pro-bono. This gets you real-world experience as well as showing potential employers experience and dedication.

3. Apply to Jobs

Job sites like Indeed or Monster are great to apply on. Make sure your resume is up to date and free or grammatical errors. Nothing turns a potential employer off like seeing “your” instead of “you’re” or the other common errors. Showing your ability to proofread your work will not only differentiate you from others, but also show that you pay attention to detail – a very important skill in Data Analytics and Digital Marketing.

When it comes time to apply, do not be shy. A little known fact is that just like companies run ads on Google, they also run them on Indeed! Finding good talent is harder than most people think, and if you have the drive, ambition and desire to learn, you won’t have any trouble getting hired.

Keep updating your resume and gaining more experience in the field, and you pretty much guarantee that you will be hired by someone who could use fresh talent.



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