Why You Should Bid on Your Branded Keywords

“Why should I spend money on a keyword I rank #1 for organically?”
This is a common question clients often ask when we mention that a part of our strategy involves bidding on their branded keywords. At first glance, that makes sense. After all, why pay for something if you’re already ranking for it in Position 1? There is one very important reason for it: If you don’t buy those keywords, your competitors will!

Create a Branded PPC Strategy
If you’re a business that has a notable brand presence, meaning you get more than 200 visits a month from your own name, you should consider implementing Brand Name Bidding into your Google PPC Strategy.
Your costs will often be minimal (under $0.50 per click, and often even lower), you will disincentivize your competitors from bidding on your brand, as well as getting an extra spot on the first page.

“If you don’t buy those keywords, your competitors will”


The Hoth and Link-Able
The image below shows TheHoth bidding on their branded keyword, as well as outranking a competitor, “link-able.com,” who are also bidding on TheHoth’s brand name.

What does this accomplish? Simply put, they are able to rank for the brand name organically, as well as appear in the paid results above the organic search. If they weren’t bidding on their own brand name, link-able.com would have carte blanche to show above The Hoth’s organic search result for their own branded keyword.
When you use your brand name as a keyword in Google Ads, you almost always have a Quality Score (QS) of 10/10, as well as a low Cost Per Click (CPC).
In the above case, link-able.com is certainly paying a heavy price in terms of CPC for bidding on this keyword, as their quality score inevitably suffers. In fact, most competitors who bid on your brand name will have a high CPC right off the bat. If you bid on those same keywords as well, their CPC will increase even more. Done right, you can push your competitors away from bidding on your brand just by making it incredibly expensive to do so!
By being able to show up in the paid as well as the organic search results, the brand name holders pay a low cost due to a 10/10 quality score, as well as doubling their presence on the first page. They also “play defense” against competitors seeking to capitalize on their brand awareness and syphon market share away from them.
If they weren’t running a branded PPC campaign, link-able.com would show up above TheHoth’s organic search results for their brand name – a disaster in a niche as competitive as SEO link building.

Brand Names in Ad Copywriting
A little known fact is that if you are Brand Registered with Google, your competitors are not able to use your brand name in their ad copy. However, they are allowed to bid on your branded keywords. If you see a competitor using your Brand Name in their ad copy, make sure that your business is registered with Google and submit a complaint to get the ad taken down.

Key Takeaways
Your brand can be the most powerful tool you have, and letting competitors know you are willing to defend it is just as important as creating an ROI based strategy for acquiring new clients.

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